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The latest on progress, building the Chuckanut Rugby Home


Enlarged Site Plan - Barn, Fields, Grandstands

After initially proposing two ideas to the membership, our club has chosen renovation of the barn as its preferred direction rather than a clubhouse center field. 

The logic is that piecemeal work can be done and VIK donations are able to affect the project in a meaningful way - we have lots of professional and unskilled volunteer members willing and eager to get their hands dirty! 


Barn and Future Change Rooms Facility

The Barn allows us to expand the Clubhouse size and integrate a permanent bar and concession windows, permanent restrooms, and still retain space for equipment storage. 

Blowing out the wall to the east with garage doors opens the clubhouse to Mount Baker. 

In a future phase a new building will be built to house change rooms and showers. The courtyard between the two buildings can serve as a beer garden and outdoor dining. 


For years, a few dedicated club members would go out to the fields in advance of games and tournaments to move sprinklers for hours. It was laborious and painstakingly inefficient. Todd Vasey, Joel Weisser, and Justin Smoak are among those who will be grateful for our new in-ground irrigation system. Greg Gandy spent weeks leading a team of club members and friends in digging drenches and laying irrigation pipe. A new well pump provides the pressure needed for the powerful sprinkler system. Now that the field has been seeded and is growing in thick, it's almost ready for action. 

Capital Campaign January 2021

Capital Campaign January 2021


Re-grading of our international size rugby fields was no small feat, requiring heavy equipment and operators, as well as time spent balancing the cut and fill on paper. A huge thanks to Todd Vasey (and family) of Award Construction for donating time, labor, and machinery to the cause. Equipment operator Brent McGuire also contributed a significant amount of time re-grading. Check out the photos to see the process. 



Although it is not reflected on Facebook, (others donated through different portals including this website) we reached $25,000 in donations in under 1.5 months, with nearly 200 donors! It shows the solidarity of the PNW rugby community, and especially the backing of our own Chuckanut Bay Rugby membership.

Our next goal will be to expand our reach to all those sharing memories at the Bellingham Rugby and Polo Grounds, and those who will in the future.

If you did not get a chance to donate, please do so through our Facebook donation link (below), or on this page. 

Phase 1

Completed Items

  • 17.2 Acres Polo and Rugby Fields                            $645,000
  • Legal Expenses                                                                     $4,500
  • Title Insurance                                                                      $1,500
  • Architectural Feasibility Study                                   $10,000
  • Grant Research                                                                     $1,250
  • Whatcom County Pre-Application Meeting       $875

                                                               Total Funded                   $663,125

Phase 2

Phase 2                
  Grading Field 1 & 2   $34,000 additional 5k volunteer labor  
  Well Pump     $7,500 additional 3k volunteer labor  
  Irrigation System   $24,000 additional 75k volunteer labor  
  Hydroseed     $11,300 additional 3k volunteer labor   
  Signage     $2,271        
  Powder Coating 35' uprights $3,262        
  Reel Mower   $5,000        
  Trencher     $4,200        
  Electrical & Utility Pole     $2,000 additional 3k volunteer labor  
  extra's, dirt, trees, fencing etc. $7,000 additional 1k volunteer labor  
  Score Boards (2)     $11,397 (still needs to be finished)  
  Top Dressing     $20,000    
        $126,930 & about 90k of volunteer labor